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How you eat out is going to change

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How you eat out is going to change



Ursula Iribarren Adán

The Covid-19 pandemic is about to change the etiquette on dining out and food preparation. 


Guidelines for employees and customers at restaurants and food outlets, and the public are being drawn up and will soon be disseminated throughout the country. 


Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Roshan Parasram said that there are to be new measures to guide the food industry when it is reopened. 


Speaking at Friday’s media briefing, Parasram said that social distancing, ensuring proper sanitization and cough etiquette are some of the new policies and procedures to be observed. 


“The new policies and procedures are being drawn up as we speak. We are going out one on one and using mass media to disseminate the guidelines when they are complete. They are to let everyone know how we are to behave – both the general public and employees within those settings…hand-washing and a place for cough etiquette,” said Parasram

What dining out may look like post COVID-19.

Mary Ursula Iribarren Adan


The CMO also emphasized that the public will also have to change their behaviour when they are sick with a virus. 


He stressed that people who are sick need to stay at home. 


Parasram said, “We have been saying this for many years, stay at home when you are sick. But we have seen that the practice is that you have a viral illness and you spend two days at home, you feel better enough to get back to work and you go back to work. But you continue to spread the disease and that is where the critical part needs to change.” 


“You have to understand is that if you have a viral illness and you may feel well enough to go back to work after two or three days. But you may continue to spread the disease for quite a while, sometimes up to a week. In children it can go up to ten days,” he said. 


Parasram said the policies and measures that are being drawn up will guide on the changes to limit the public’s amount of exposure to viruses. 


The CMO said that over the last week as the public had been using masks, observing sanitization practices, and other more stringent public health measures, there had been a large reduction in number of calls with people presenting viral symptoms to public health care centres.



Ursula Iribarren Adán